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Essential Employment

Receive and validate requests for vetting byquality assuring applications, identifying anomalies which indicate thatinformation provided may be incorrect or incomplete, rejecting theseapplications and any which are unauthorised, to ensure compliance with the VettingAPP.


·Manage, interrogate and update Vetting Managementsystems containing sensitive information in order to ensure said systems areaccurately maintained in line with Force requirements.


·Undertake precise and detailedresearch of policing systems, Opensource and information provided by thirdparties in accordance with the Vetting APP.Align enquiries with the level of vetting required in order to locateand identify relevant criminal records, intelligence, financial information,personal files and open source material.


·Research, analyse and assessinformation, and judge for relevance identifying issues relating to individuals’suitability for employment.


·Prepare a case file containing appropriate information and a precis report making a recommendation with regards to granting or declining vetting status, to assist the Vetting Manager and Deputy Vetting Manager in their assessments.