commitment to partners.

benefits of partnering with rectools®

  • Prioritised recperks
  • Lead Forensics & Google Analytics reports
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Banner Adverts
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • recperks Newsletter feature
  • Product of the Week cycle
  • RecTalk podcast adverts
  • Partnership EcoSystem


recperks is our discounts & rewards platform, where we allow our users to access exclusive discounts, rewards or value-added benefits on the product/services we showcase. We allow all listed vendors to include an offering, with our partners being given priority placement for their offer. The recperks platform is free to access for all users.

Lead Forensics and Google Analytics

partners get access to detailed analytics on site traffic, visitor identification and analytics on activity on a quarterly or monthly basis. partners can also access site traffic and analytics on the dashboard.

Content Marketing Strategy

Our content generation team work with our partners to spread their brand message to our user-base and audience via our social channels, including LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube providing you a wider reach of your existing marketing activities to a targeted audience. This content strategy is customisable with your content marketing team, making our channels and support an extension to your existing efforts.

Banner Adverts

Historically, rectools® operated on a no-advert basis. Since the introduction of our partnership network we have introduced static banners to advertise our partner products/services to users on our most active pages. These include categories, AI Playground, Rec4Rec Job Board and the Homepage. These banner adverts are cycled to our audience throughout the site offering all partners visibility on their product to our 13k+ monthly user base.

Email Marketing Stratergy

Users of the site are able to access the AI playground and recperks portal by signing up to our platform. Part of this sign up process includes an agreement to receive email marketing messages from selected vendors who we partner with. Only partners will have access to mailshot strategies for these users under the agreement that any and all contact to this list is done via our content team and under the understanding that the outreach to our user base is subjected to a fair usage policy.

recperks Newsletter feature

All partners will have their recperk(s) and any limited-time or seasonal offers communicated to our user-base via a monthly recperks newsletter.

Product of the Week cycle

Since launching in July 2022, rectools® has announced a Product of the Week to our growing audience via our social channels and highlighting the product on our Homepage. This is one of the most engaged with elements of our social channels and is now exclusively available to partnership subscriptions only.

RecTalk podcast adverts

With over 46,000 views and over 5,000 hours of listening/viewing on our YouTube channel, the RecTalk podcast is the fastest-growing industry podcast in the recruitment sector. 10-second advertisement slots are exclusively available to partners on any full-length podcast of your choosing, past, present, or future episodes. These are limited to 5 adverts per episode.

Partnership EcoSystem

partners are exclusively invited into a discord group with other partnership members, encouraging cross-promotional activity, one-off deals and collaborations between vendors. Invitations to webinars, collaboration meetings and further events will be exclusively accessible to partners.