Choosing the Perfect CRM for Recruitment Agencies: A Comprehensive Guide

For recruitment agencies, having an effective customer relationship management (CRM) system is essential for streamlining operations, managing client relationships, and driving business growth. Selecting the right CRM can significantly impact the success of your agency. In this article, we will outline key considerations for choosing the perfect CRM for recruitment agencies. Additionally, we will introduce Voyager Infinity, a leading CRM solution, and highlight an exclusive deal for Rectools® followers that includes access to their AI-driven Talentgraph for three months.

Let’s explore how Voyager Infinity can empower your recruitment agency and set you up for success! 

1️⃣ Comprehensive Recruitment CRM Features:

When evaluating a CRM, look for features tailored specifically for the recruitment industry. Consider functionalities such as candidate and client management, job tracking, interview scheduling, analytics, and reporting. Voyager Infinity offers a market-leading recruitment CRM that covers permanent, contract, and temporary placements, providing comprehensive features to streamline your recruitment processes.

2️⃣ Ease of Use and User Training:

A user-friendly CRM with intuitive navigation and an easy-to-learn interface is crucial for seamless adoption by your recruitment team. Additionally, consider the availability of user training and ongoing support. Voyager Infinity not only offers user-friendly software but also provides online admin and user training to ensure a smooth onboarding process for your recruiters.

3️⃣ Data Import and AI-driven Talentgraph:

Efficiently importing candidate and client data is essential for kick-starting your agency’s operations. Voyager Infinity’s exclusive deal for Rectools® followers includes three months of access to their AI-driven Talentgraph. This feature allows you to import and source candidates and clients, along with their contact details, from a vast database of over 500 million records, providing a valuable resource to jumpstart your agency’s growth.

4️⃣ Cost-Effectiveness and ROI:

Consider the pricing structure and return on investment (ROI) offered by the CRM solution. Voyager Infinity offers competitive pricing at £86.10 per license per month, providing significant value for the features and benefits it offers. With the included Talentgraph access and reduced onboarding costs for Rectools® subscribers, Voyager Infinity ensures cost-effectiveness while setting you up for a successful start and potential growth. 

5️⃣ Customer Support and Service:

Timely and reliable customer support is crucial for uninterrupted CRM usage. Look for a CRM provider with a track record of excellent customer service. Voyager Infinity takes pride in its UK-based support team, ongoing telephone and email support, dedicated project managers, and account managers, ensuring that your agency receives the assistance it needs throughout your CRM journey.

Choosing the perfect CRM is essential for the success of recruitment agencies. By considering the key factors outlined above, you can make an informed decision and select a CRM that aligns with your agency’s needs. Voyager Infinity, with its comprehensive recruitment CRM features, user-friendly interface, exclusive Talentgraph access, and competitive pricing, offers a robust solution for your agency’s growth and success.

Exclusive Deal for Rectools® users:

As a Rectools® follower, you have access to an exclusive deal from Voyager Infinity. With an order of Voyager Infinity, you will receive three months of free access to their AI-driven Talentgraph.

This offer includes online admin and user training, sample sales and marketing templates, and assistance in sourcing and importing candidate and client details. Take advantage of this exclusive offer and equip your agency with the tools needed for a successful start and potential growth.

[Please note that Talentgraph can be canceled within weeks 1 to 12, with charges of £10.50 per person per month applying thereafter.]

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